Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your HomeSustainable & Reliable Energy for Your HomeSustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home

Join our many satisfied customers in making your home sustainable!


Long-Term Solar Benefits

Reduce electric spending for more predictable bills all while bettering the environment

Solar Solutions at a Glance

We offer turnkey solutions for Californians wishing to reap larger environmental and financial savings 

Multi-Residential Solar

  Most multi-residential units have homeowners associations (HOAs) that charge communal fees to cover shared expenses and utilities. At O&M Solar, we help reduce these costs by installing solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. Everyone in the property benefits from cleaner electricity. And they all enjoy higher savings – both in the form of lower monthly utility bills and lower communal expenses. 

Residential Solar

  For most people, their home is one of the biggest liabilities they have. But with solar installed, you can turn your residential property into a money-saving asset that shields you from skyrocketing utility rates. Why rent expensive grid electricity when going solar allows you to generate your own free power entirely on-site? Adding panels can also increase the property value of your home as well. 


Commercial Solar

There are 2 primary ways to grow profits – increase your sales or reduce your costs. And going solar can help with both. Tapping into free sunshine allows you to control your monthly electricity expenses. And your clean energy investment can help generate positive goodwill among customers who prefer doing business with environmentally responsible stakeholders. 

Our Promise to You


Our Guarantee

  Our solar solutions pay for themselves – guaranteed. This means you can invest in free sunshine without taking on any risk whatsoever.


Matched Pricing

We’ll match any other competitor’s price – pound for pound. Shop around and put us to the test.  


25 Year Warranty

All our solar panels come with 25 years of ironclad warranty protection. If any panels break, we’ll help you get free  

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How can we help?

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please use the form for an estimate, or call us for any questions about converting your home or business to solar. We look forward to serving you!

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